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General Director at Novamed, 
Doctor of medical sciences, Professor



"Novamed is a private hospital, the establishment of which was a personal initiative. I've always aspired to offer medical services in a way that manifests absolute health care.
Guided by this purpose, we have assembled a team of highly qualified and motivated doctors – leaders in their respective disciplines, both in Moldova and abroad, have brought state-of-the-art medical equipment and have created an infrastructure capable to satisfy the need of every patient. Thus, Novamed Polyvalent Hospital now offers the complete spectrum of medical services.
Moreover, I wanted Novamed to be a hospital that would primarily preserve health. Therefore, care and prevention are the principles that guide our entire medical activity. We offer preventive services, such as health checkup packages, and effective non-traumatic treatment, based on minimally invasive intervention techniques – an area of specialization of the hospital.
We will continue to grow and develop our hospital so that you can have the most complete and efficient medical care, for at the Novamed Polyvalent Hospital we treat with care."